The A LA PAR Foundation is a non-profit organization with more than 70 years of experience, was founded in 1948. Since then, it works for the participation and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities (PID) in society.  It has become a reference organization within its field and enjoys great prestige.

The organization tries to develop services that meet the main needs of PID in their development, this way every day, it serves more than 1100 people with this condition, as follows:

  • Special education college. Through our school, we serve more than 185 students with special educational needs.
  • Occupational Center. we serve more than 160 adults with intellectual disabilities.
  • Associated with the organization, we have two special employment centres that employ 136 workers with intellectual disabilities.
  • Independent living project. The organization develops different services to enhance access to independent living for PID.
  • DIEM Day Center. It is a specialized resource for 20 people with intellectual disabilities who have a mental illness.
  • Employment office. Our placement office trains and helps more than 580 people each year so that they can access the ordinary labour market.
  • CAMPVS project. It is a training project aimed at young people with intellectual disabilities (between 18 and 30 years old) that offers training focused on the inclusion of these people in the labour market.
  • Unit for Attention to Victims with Intellectual Disability (UAVDI): The UAVDI offers integrative care to people with intellectual disabilities who have suffered abuse or mistreatment. We offer the support that improves their access to justice and we support the emotional recovery of the victim and their families.
  • Resource generating units: The organization, to be more sustainable, has a paddle and tennis club, a playground and many other activities that give it independence and funding.


Fundación A LA PAR
Las Huelgas Monastery, 15 – 28049 Madrid (Spain)
Tel. (+34) 91 735 57 90