ATADES, Aragonese Tutelary Association for Intellectual Disability, is a private entity, aimed at assisting and guarding people with intellectual disabilities throughout their life cycle. Non-profit, its scope of action includes the Autonomous Community of Aragon.

ATADES has been leading intellectual disability in Aragon since 1962. For the fulfillment of our statutory purposes, we have an early care center, special education centers, residences, sheltered housing, day centers, occupational workshops, special employment centers, and a leisure and free time club.

We also have services for users and families: psychological and legal care services, family training plan, job placement, guardianships through the Fundación Aragonesa Tutelar (Fundat) and care for victims of abuse with intellectual disabilities, through the UAVDI-Aragon Unit.

ATADES is the first social entity of intellectual disability in Aragon and the third in Spain to achieve accreditation in accordance with the UNE 158.101 and UNE 158.20 standards, granted by AENOR, and which endorses the rigor of the healthcare service we provide to more than 1,500 people with intellectual disability.

In addition, we have the certificate of Quality Management Systems, according to the ISO 9001 Standard, which contrasts our continuous quality management.

Subject to this requirement standard, we undertake our daily work in all ATADES centers. Our voice represents 3,364 members, including permanent members and protectors, 809 professionals and 384 volunteers.

The Association was declared a Teaching Benefit by O.M. of October 6, 1964 and of Public Utility for that of July 21, 1967. It is registered in the National Registry of Associations with number 3.122 and with 24 in the Provincial Registry, in the Registry of Social Action Entities of the Diputación General de Aragón with number 274 and number 57 in collaborating entities of the National Institute of Social Services.

ATADES, Aragonese Tutelary Association for Intellectual Disability
C / Octavio de Toledo, 2 50007 – Zaragoza (Spain)
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