Porto University

Founded in 1911, the University of Porto is a leading educational and scientific research institution in Portugal, and today ranks among the 150 best European universities in some of the most important international rankings in Higher Education.

Combining quality education, focused on individual vocations and market needs, with the status of the largest scientific “cradle” in Portugal, U.Porto is an institution committed to translating talent and innovation into added value for society.

That populate its 14 faculties, a business school and more than 50 research centers. It is there that the richest academic community in Portugal moves, as a result of the meeting of the best students in the country with a highly qualified teaching and scientific staff and an increasing number of international students, teachers and researchers. All of this in a set of university centers strongly integrated in the city and equipped with infrastructures that guarantee the best academic, scientific, but also social and cultural experience.

Making openness to the community and the business community one of its strategic cornerstones, U.Porto is also an important engine of economic, social, cultural, and scientific development in the North of Portugal and in the country in general. That is why we are not limited to training professionals. We create leaders, empower innovators, encourage entrepreneurs, in short, train people who can make a difference in the community.

It is this attitude that the University increasingly projects to the rest of the world. Currently, U.Porto is the most international of Portuguese universities , the result of a strategy that includes cooperation ties with hundreds of higher education institutions from all over the world. The ambition is to affirm the institution among the 100 best universities in the world by 2020.

This is the University of Porto and its doors are open to the world. Come and discover us!

Rectory of the U.Porto
Gomes Teixeira Square – 4099-002 Porto (Portugal)
Tel. +351 220 408 000