“Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups” (Abbreviation: K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA”) is a Non-Profit Organisation – Social Cooperative, that has been active since 2001 promoting mental health and protecting the rights of vulnerable groups.

EDRA provides mental health services and raises public awareness in matters concerning mental health, supports children  with learning difficulties, intervenes therapeutically in the field of special education and mental retardation, develops national and European initiatives for socially vulnerable groups, contributes to the harmonization of family and professional life, provides lifelong training programs for all population groups.

“EDRA” operates in the following sectors:

1. Mental Health
It operates two Units of psycho-social rehabilitation (Boarding Houses) and two supported apartment’s programme.

2. Mental Retardation
It operates the “Nefeli” Supported Living Residence (S.L.R.) for people with intellectual disabilities.

3. Child and Family
It operates six centres for children and adolescents with learning difficulties aged between 3 and 17 years all across Attica region.
It also operates a Creative occupation center for children (after school activities)

4. Vulnerable Social groups
It implements Social Structures against Poverty, (social market , soup kitchen , social farmacy ) in cooperation with municipalities   supervised by the Greek Ministry of Labor.
Also runs the project for the homeless “Housing and Reintegration” also supervised by the Greek Ministry of Labor.

5. Education
It operates a certified Lifelong Education Center offering Adult Educational Programs for all population groups, supporting especially socially and economically vulnerable groups.

6. Arts
Hosting “Art for More” an annual activity of art and mental health festival aiming  to fight the stigma of mental illness.

7. Sports
Hosting “Sports for mental retarded people” an annual activity with a participation of 200 people with mental retardation.

K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA” is also very active in EU projects, having coordinated multiple large- scale projects as also having participated in numerous projects as a partner, having as priorities  the prevention of Mental Illness, the inclusion of socially excluded and marginalized groups into our societies and the mitigation of inequalities in education.

EDRA Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups
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